Previous Exploration​

Most of the work has been performed in the central zone with some being on the north and south zones.

Regolith Mapping

Geological / Structural Mapping

Geophysics Induced Polarization & Resistivity Survey

Artisanal Mining


Auger Drilling


Initial Soil Geochemistry

4,748m of Auger Drilling

R/C Drilling

3D Modelling

182 R/C Holes for 19,614m

Waraba Gold_Malilonga east - Geology map

Project Overview

Interpretation Of Historical Airborne Geophysics Suggests That Mamoudouya Is Characterized By Crosscutting N/NE Orientated Structures Deriving From The Major Senegalo-malian Shear

Historical trenching across the 3.6km-long Mamoudouya Main shear  zone with a 200ppb gol in soils anomalism, has returned Up to 24m@2.35g/t and 12m@2.13g/t
Trenching across the 3.6km Manoudouya Shear Zone has returned results of up to 24m @ 2.35g/t and 12m @ 2.13g/t
Similar structural setting as observed at Loulo and Tabakoto gold mines
Grab samples taken along the shear returned results of 8.2g/t and 100g/t
Results were positive and show a broad trend of elevated gold in soil with a geochemical signature of Au.
2018 RC Results
MCR18-007 2.0m @ 5.04 g/t
MCR18-007 8.0m @ 8.99 g/t
MCR18-001 15.0m @ 5.06 g/t
MCR18-052 3.0m @ 4.51 g/t
MCR18-043 3.0m @ 20.97 g/t
MRC18-017 1.0m @ 3.22 g/t
MRC18-003 1.0m @ 3.24 g/t
MRC18-009 1.0m @ 3.50 g/t
MRC18-015 1.0m @ 3.88 g/t
MRC18-031 1.0m @ 4.12 g/t
MRC18-054 1.0m @ 4.30 g/t
MRC18-047 1.0m @ 4.56 g/t
MRC18-038 1.0m @ 5.17 g/t
MRC18-015 1.0m @ 4.70 g/t
MRC18-003 1.0m @ 6.94 g/t
MRC18-003 1.0m @ 7.60 g/t
MRC18-003 1.0m @ 16.90 g/t
2012 RC Results
MRC0002 3.0m @ 2.71g/t
MRC0006 3.0m @ 8.77g/t
MRC0019 2.0m @ 4.5g/t
MRC0021 2.0m @ 5.99g/t
MRC0033 2.0m @ 3.38g/t
MRC0051 3.0m @ 7.39g/t
MRC0052 3.0m @ 4.32g/t
MRC0079 4.0m @ 3.58g/t
MRC0080 7.0m @ 4.51g/t
MRC0097 3.0m @ 13.49g/t

Central Zone

Drilling & Rocks over Gold Geochemistry

Structural Interpretation

Geological / Geophysical / Geochemical

Firstly, NS structures, then development of an anastomose NE shear zone, the late major NW structures interpreted from enhanced magnetics_HD_TDR.

These structures have trisected a former regional NE verging parasitic fold in her axial plane

There are five type of rock major trisected by the major structures (NW NE) with an overview of former regional NE verging parasitic fold overprint by a huge dolerite dyke in NW corner of the permit and an felsic rock in the broad south area of the permit


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